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Captain’s Bakery joins list of armed robbery locations

A 17-year-old is now in police custody following an armed robbery at Captain’s Bakery on West Bay Road last night (10 July.) It’s the 5th armed robbery in the last 5 days and the RCIPS says they are increasing patrols, as well as, looking into if these incidents are linked.

Tuesday night a man with a handgun entered Captain’s Bakery demanding cash. He struck an employee during the incident. The manager at the bakery says the employee who was assaulted suffered only minor injuries and is recovering at this time. The situation could have been much worse because a gun was involved. Neighbours, business owners and workers from the area remain concerned because of violence involved in the robbery.

Annette Spencer is concerned for her own safety, following the armed robbery of Captain’s Bakery. According to RCIPS, a man entered Captain’s with a handgun, demanded cash, and struck one of the workers with the gun. Ms. Spencer works at a hair salon near to the bakery.

“I can sit and say ok, it’s not me. But it’s only a matter of time. You don’t know when you could be the next target,” said Ms. Spencer.

In the last 5 days there have been 5 robberies using handguns. Including 2 robberies of Ala Kabob. Tuesday night’s robbery was the first one where actual violence took place. “Now it is getting a little more violent each time,” said Ms. Spencer.

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne says RCIPS has intensified anti-robbery uniform and armed officer patrols since the robberies began. In the bakery robbery case, the response resulted in the arrest of the 17-year-old suspect, and the recovery of the gun. Still, the impact of the event has left a lasting effect on Captain’s employees, and those who work in the surrounding area.

“We need to work to survive. When something like this happens. You get scared. You don’t want to go back to work. You get scared,” said Ms. Spencer.

Captain’s Bakery is back open for business. But employees who were working at the time of the robbery have the night off, so they can deal with the trauma of the incident.

The RCIPS said they will continue the increased patrols until they catch others who are responsible for the robberies.

Late this afternoon (10 July) the Chamber issued a statement to Cayman 27, expressing its concern. The statement reads: “These crimes are not only disruptive, dangerous and costly to the businesses involved and traumatic for the employees and customers. But they also tarnish Cayman’s international reputation as a safe and secure place to live and conduct business.”


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