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DOA dog chopping investigation stalled, call for witnesses to come forward made

The Department of Agriculture investigation into the chopping of two dogs has hit a snag due to a lack of evidence. The dogs-Lily and Prince are now back with their owner after recovering at the veterinarian clinic at Countryside Shopping Village.

DOA animal welfare officer Erik Bodden said the probe into who committed the assault on the dogs has gone cold. He is encouraging the community to speak up if they know anything about the incident.

“If members of the public have seen this incident and want to come forward and present with a statement we will be willing to re-open this investigation and proceed with the right channels to try and secure the right prosecution through the court justice system,”  said Mr. Bodden.

If you have any information on the chopping of Lilly and Prince, you can contact the Department of Agriculture at (345) 947-3090.

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