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Miller writes Lord Ahmad on Choudhury probe

Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller registers his concern with the Governor Anwar Choudhury probe as he writes Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Overseas Territories Minister Lord Tariq Ahmad.

In letters released over the weekend Mr. Miller questioned the fairness in the handling of the probe, in particular, the input in the matter being displayed by Head of the Governor’s Office Matthew Forbes through his issuing of a statement on the investigation. He described it as upmanship since Mr. Forbes, he contended, is one of the complainers that triggered the Governor’s recall.

He complained that the statement shared last Thursday (26 July) did not provide an update on the investigation as it claimed, but served to say no statements will be issued on the matter until its conclusion. No definitive date for the end of the probe was provided.

“As I am sure you will appreciate, the Choudhury investigation is a matter that needs to be concluded with great alacrity. I hope that you will find it possible to exercise some influence in bringing this matter to a quick and satisfactory conclusion,” Mr. Miller wrote to Lord Ahmad.

The Opposition Leader also issued a memo to Acting Governor Hon. Franz Manderson registering his concerns with the 26 July statement. He said he was “unclear as to the author of this letter, as the comments regarding you and your service are stated in the third person, including referring to you in the disrespectful tone as “Franz Manderson.”

“I note that it was signed jointly by you and the Chief of Staff of the Governor’s Office. I would have understood your copying the Chief of Staff, but it is entirely inappropriate for a junior officer to be commenting on the roles and continued service of the Acting Governor, who is the ultimate head of all officers in the civil service, including all staff in the Governor’s Office,” Mr. Miller contended.

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