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Motorcycle retailers dealing with theft

Motorcycle theft is rampant in Cayman, according to several motorcycle shops Cayman 27 talked to on the island. They say a recent amendment may help with the problem.

Automotive Art is being very selective about the motorcycles it displays. “The small ones we’ve carried in the past. We’ve had them in a few weeks. And then watched them go out through the window. Unfortunately, that’s the trend of theft we’ve seen the island take the past few years,” said Wayne Kirkconnell of Automotive Art motorcycle retailer. Mr. Kirkconnell says motorcycle theft has plagued the business over the last few years.  “We’ve had people come in through the front. We’ve had people come in from the back. We’ve stop carrying the hottest models. Because it’s such a rampant problem,” said Mr. Kirkconnell. The company has had to change the way they showcase their motorcycles.  “We’ve hung them from the ceiling. We’ve left them packed in crates in the back. We’ve advertised them in the press rather than having them out here where people can see and touch and feel the bikes,” said Mr. Kirkconnell. The thefts have also had an effect on sales. “We sell a customer a motorcycle. We’re seeing theft within weeks, days sometimes,” said Mr. Kirkconnell.

Automotive Art isn’t the only one being influenced by the thefts. Cayman Custom Cycles has also been affected as have private owners. “A week or two we had a customer purchase his second bike. Because his first bike was stolen. He rode it for a week. He parked it at home. He woke up in the morning. And it was gone. Right out of his home,” said Mr. Kirkconnell of Automotive Art.

“They get their motorcycles stolen. And they don’t find it for years and years. Or they don’t find it all. Sometimes you know who took it, and you know where it is. But the police haven’t been able to do anything about it,” said Keith Keller, who is the owner of Cayman Custom Cycles.

A new amendment to the Traffic Law passed in the Legislative Assembly has given the motorcycle shops hope that the police will have the tools they need to crack down on the thefts. “With the impound law now they have a chance for police to go in, impound the stolen motorcycle, and hopefully bring it back to the owner,” said Mr. Keller. The amendment to the Traffic Law was passed last week by legislators and is waiting for commencement.

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