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One Carnival push remains in limbo

Cayman Carnival 2019 is more than 10 months away and organisers are already talking about re-uniting. But it appears they haven’t reached an agreement just yet.

According to a press release from Batabano committee chairperson, Donna Myrie-Stephens,  Carnival leaders had reached an agreement to hold one carnival in Cayman in June.

But Mrs. Myrie-Stephens said the parties could neither reach an agreement on when the carnival would be held, nor on several other issues.

“We are deeply disappointed that the private group that caused the division in the first place were unwilling to compromise their position and imposition on our two long-established carnivals,” said Mrs. Myrie Stephens.

Two years ago, some bands split off from the traditional Batabano festival to form CayMas.

Following this year’s carnival season, several members of the public called for the two entities to combine for a single carnival going forward.

Meanwhile, Caymas Chairman Wayne Kirkconnell and Swanky International’s Craig Frederick join Cayman 27’s Kevin Morales live on set to talk more about the situation.  

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