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Police want more women, locals in the service

Stereotyping and a gruelling physical may be some of the factors keeping women from applying for positions with the RCIPS.

According to media officer, Jodi-Ann Powery, no women graduated from the police training programme this year, while less than 5 graduated in the previous batch.

This is why, she said, police are reaching out to women, asking that they apply to join the service.

She says all applicants must be aware that there is a grueling physical to be completed before they can be successfully recruited.

This test is the 5.4 bleep test and Ms. Powery advised potential officers to research it.

She also said given the influx of foreign officers, the RCIPS is also interested in getting more locals onboard.

“Our organisation has had a certain stigma in previous years. The view was that local people could not police because the community was so small and that everyone was family and friends with everyone. I feel there is a greater need now for not only local knowledge but that local experience in the police force.”

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