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RCIPS Gun amnesty results are in

Police say they’re deciding if and when they want to hold another Gun Amnesty. Nearly 20 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were turned in during this year’s programme. There were less guns turned in this year versus the last amnesty in 2011. But the police are still considering it a success because of what else that was turned in, nearly 900 rounds of ammunition.

Shotgun shells, rifle, and handgun shells were all turned in anonymously under the amnesty period. “You may have one gun turned in. But you may have 500 rounds of ammunition for each gun or 200 rounds of ammunition. So you won’t have as many guns as you have ammunition,” said RCIPS Deputy Commissioner Kurt Walton.

The 18 guns turned in during the campaign was down from 26 back in 2011. But police are pleased with the types of guns received versus those from 8 years ago.“Firearms were all antiquated and old. Muskets I would refer to them as, versus this year. The significance for me is the type of caliber that were turned in,” said Deputy Commissioner Walton.

This year, 4 shotguns, 7 air rifles, and 7 handguns were turned in. The big difference was the number of handguns handed over, which is up from the one single handgun turned in, in 2011.

“Over the last 12 years, all of our firearms-related murders were caused by handguns. So to see those firearms taken off the street is tremendous,” said Deputy Commissioner Walton.

RCIPS representatives say that taking guns off the street has traditionally lead to a decrease in the amount of crime in the area. “We seized 29 guns last year in police operations. I think that is a direct correlation with a 30 percent reduction in foreign crimes. Whether the guns we collected during amnesty will have a result in foreign crimes remain to be seen,” said Mr. Walton. Police said they will continue to pursue gun arrests as they have in the past.

You can still turn in weapons anonymously, through the Police Anonymous Tipline at 345-949-7777.

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