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RCIPS urges caution on the sea after weekend water rescues, thanks civilians for their help

Snatching stray seafarers from an uncertain fate is hero’s work for most of us. However, for those at the RCIPS Air Operations Unit, it’s just another day on the job.

On Sunday the Unit, with the help of civilians, rescued seven people off North West Point. Speaking with Cayman 27 on the rescues unit chief pilot Nigel Pitt said what was unusual, was the wave runner’s position so far out to sea and how things could have ended much worse for the rider.

“The thing that was our concern was that it was getting quite late, 5:30, 5:40. Another hour or so and darkness would have started to fall. It would have made it very difficult for us to find the wave runner,” he said.

Mr. Pitt appealed to the public to properly prepare when going on the water.

“The important thing here is that people need to make sure that they’ve got communications, flares, a torch, stuff like that, so that they’ve got all the safety equipment that they could have.”

He stressed that neither rescue could have happened without the help of civilians. In the case of the divers, fishing vessel, Sandman took three of them to shore.

“That’s what we need. In both cases it was the local civilians, they are out on their boats, they are the first people that we can use to help in any situation. Big thank you to them.”

Mr. Pitt reminded all sea-goers to be responsible on the water.

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