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South Sound residents say new wall posing safety hazard

South Sound residents at the Shore Club condos say a wall currently under construction next to their residence is posing a safety hazard and they are calling for the relevant authorities to take action. Owner of the condos Stefan Baraud said the wall is posing a threat to people living in the condos and that it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

“The wall has been erected right on the road, the problem with that is we have no visibility, no line of sight so it’s a tremendous concern and the dangers for all road users passing by try to exit the property eastbound. You literally have to take the vehicle out on the centre lane, if someone is overtaking then you can only imagine the potential problems of doing that and the reason for that is simply because there is no visibility,” said Mr. Baraud.

He said that the National Road Authority (NRA) needs to step in and handle the potentially dangerous situation.

“To my understanding base on the NRA law, it states that you cannot obstruct your line of sight on the road and as such, this really is a matter of the NRA so my understanding is this is something that they should be handling,” said Mr. Baraud.

The owner of the wall declined to be interviewed, but did indicate he had Planning approval for the wall. We reached out Planning for a comment, we have yet to hear back.

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