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Community police making rounds to churches

The two-month uptick in burglaries in churches has been engaging the attention of police.

“Our community officers will be going around to discuss with the different churches,” said RCIPS media officer Jodi Ann Powery, “especially those that have been affected by this type of crime. They’ll be going to the person in charge of each church to give them tips on how to prevent this type of crime.”

Ms. Powery explained that while churches were not necessarily easier targets, there were qualities that made them more attractive to the criminally minded.

“Based on the belief of the particular church, they may leave their doors open for people who want to go there. For that reason they may be less secure, but not necessarily easier targets,” she said.

Between June and August, 8 churches were burgled. While Ms. Powery said the outreach is not placing an extra focus on churches, she said these incidents were a worrying trend.

“I am not necessarily saying that the churches are getting special attention. It’s just something to highlight because it’s a trend that we’ve been noticing. Aside from that, it is a moral issue. It is very uncommon for us to see the churches being burgled.”

To prevent them from falling victim to burglars, Ms. Powery has suggested churches do not leave collection money in the church over long periods of time, as well as, keeping church doors closed if no representatives were present.

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