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Miller calls for a referendum on the cruise berthing facility

Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller is calling for a referendum for the cruise berthing facility in George Town and he’s taking a motion to the LA to do it. Thursday (16 August) Mr. Miller addressed the issue at a media conference saying the project has been causing concern for the general public. Mr. Miller said no member of the Opposition is supporting the government with this project and he is calling on the public to support the motion.

“The opposition does not support the cruise berthing facility under the current position that we have with a growing cruise industry, period.”

He said that George Town will not be able to handle the massive amount of people that a cruise berthing facility could bring.

“The preposterous view of having four cruise ships tied up to pairs from which you’re going to have this mass exodus of people coming on shore at the same time and the inability of the george town to waterfront area to handle tens of thousands of people marching onshore within an hour is impossible.”

Now according to Mr. Miller the project is estimated to be around $245 million and he intends to meet with government to try and find a solution going forward.

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