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Manderson defends decision to open up RCIPS recruitment

Acting Governor Hon. Franz Manderson defends the decision to open-up police officers recruitment to expatriates living here four or more years. He said the decision was driven by the low numbers of Caymanians responding to the recruitment efforts. Mr. Manderson and the police have come under fire from the public for supporting the decision to open up the RCIPS recruitment to non-Caymanians, but Mr. Manderson said Caymanians will still be given first preference.

“We would like to see a larger group of persons come through the actual recruitment class, so by opening it up, it gives us the opportunity to have a larger class with the focus being on giving Caymanians first preference,” said Mr. Manderson.

He said he wants to see more Caymanian recruits, but the reality is the numbers are too low, but he believes giving expatriates a chance can help build the RCIPS and keep their options open.

“The last time I attended a graduation for the RCIPS it was 9 Caymanians in that group a very small number. What it means we wouldn’t have to run another advert again in the event that we don’t get enough Caymanians to full the class, it’s as simple as that,” said Mr. Manderson.

Mr. Manderson dismissed criticism of Police Commissioner Derek Byrne saying he is working to up the number of Caymanians in the service but the results just aren’t there.

“The commissioner has had a proven track record of given Caymanians opportunities, he runs a year recruitment for Caymanians, so there’s no mischief in this. This is about simply getting the very best for Cayman and the people to do the jobs to keep us safe,” said Mr. Manderson.

Caymanian Darven Ebanks sees it differently. He said Caymanians can do anything expats can do with the right training.

“I grew up in a time to when we had Cayman people running everything and native Cayman people running everything and all of a sudden now we don’t know what to do in Cayman, we need people to come and be a policeman and be everything else. Once they are taught, they can do the job. We don’t have to get anybody from overseas because first of all people don’t realize and understand but it’s something that I know. We don’t need people from overseas to run our country we know how to run our country,” said Mr. Ebanks.

According to police, only 81 Caymanian recruits met the minimum requirements for the RCIPS in their current recruitment drive and overall 46 percent of the police service are Caymanians. The police recruitment drive will run until 24 August.

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Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell Jr. joined Cayman 27 in the spring of 2018. He started off as a part-time photographer but thanks to his hard-work, dedication and eye for photography, he was offered a full-time position as a reporter trainee. Seaford is committed to bringing the people of Cayman informative and balanced news about what’s happening in the community.

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