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MLA launches a public campaign educating local barber shops on new school rules

Cayman’s new school dress code policy kicks in soon. It also includes new rules on hairstyles and one MLA has launched a public campaign to educate local barber shops about the new requirements. George Town MLA Kenneth Bryan said he supports the education department and the Education Council in their push to ensure students dress appropriately.

“I support their changes but they need to be more than just press release done in order to make sure this culture shift changes,” said MLA Bryan.

Mr. Bryan is going around to local barber shops and storekeepers to spread the word about new school rules.

“What im trying to do here, is a call for all barbers and all beauty stylist to help the country to assist in this process,” said MLA Bryan.

Mr. Bryan wants the hair stylists to make it their duty to spread the new implementations made within the education system and he said the aim of his campaign is to ensure the rules are followed by all.

“So when they come in (barber shop) remind them of what that policy is, you have a part to play in this cultural change in respect to our education and how we groom our children for the future,” said Mr. Bryan.

On the issue of dreadlocks being allowed, he said if it’s based on the religion they will have their rights.

“If a person in a family would like to relate to the Education Department that Rastafarian is their religion, it will be respected, it’s apart of the education policy already.”

Even though these barbers can’t stop customers from getting what they want, the hope is to spread the word on what styles students should have when going to school.

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