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Northward Prison inmates using mobile-phones

For the year 2018, and with four more months to go, 83 mobile phones have already been confiscated from prison inmates. In 2017 Her Majesty Northward Prison leaders confiscated 77 mobile phones from the month of January through December. It’s a problem Interim Prisons Director Steven Barrett is trying to address.

“We do find mobile phones now again when we do conduct our searches, we have a very successful track record here of finding not just phones but other lesser items as well.”

Last month a cellphone video appearing to be shot by Cuban migrants inside the Immigration Detention Centre surfaced on social media which prison leaders oversee.

“Mobile phones aren’t just a Cayman problem. Mobile phones availability in prison is a problem in most jurisdictions even those jurisdictions who’s state is high-security, mobile phones find their way into the prison,” he contended.

Mr. Barrett said inmates use phones from the inside to coordinate criminal activity including drug smuggling inside Northward.

“Things are sometimes just thrown over the fence here and it would be picked up by prisoners but that acted in itself would be coordinated by people using mobile phones, so they will agree when to throw, where to throw and how far to throw and prisoners will retain,” he said.

He said he’s working with the Government to increase security measures in hopes of keeping mobile phones out.

“We are currently with the support of Government sourcing some additional technology that will be used to tighten up security at the front of the prison, so everybody and anyone entering the prison will go through security procedures that will be similar to, or perhaps slightly more robust then the security arrangements then you need at the airport.”

Mr. Barrett hopes this will go a long way into keeping phones and other prohibited items outside the prison walls.

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