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32 dogs surrendered to DOA

A total of 32 dogs, including puppies, all from one resident were surrendered to the Department of Agriculture (DOA) and those at the Humane Society have been fostering some of the animals.

Director of the Humane Society Saskia Salden said some of the animals had mange and heart-worms. She said the DOA reached out to the Humane Society after taking the animals.

“So a couple days ago we received an email from the Department of Agriculture (DOA) that 32 dogs and puppies were surrendered to them and they reached out to all the animal charitable organizations on island, we went there yesterday (7 September) and picked up ten dogs,” said Ms. Salden.

We reached out to the DOA for more details on the dogs and if they were taking further action on the matter, we are yet to hear back.

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