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Cayman Islands Humane Society urges more neutering and adoptions

The Cayman Islands Humane Society said its seen an increase in the number of dogs and cats coming into the shelter and they said it’s becoming a problem. According to Cayman Islands Humane Society director Saskia Salden in 2017, 300 dogs were neutered along with 220 cats, up until this year July the Humane Society has already neutered 192 dogs and 110 cats.

She said 154 dogs and 216 puppies were rescued in the year 2017, out of that bunch 180 were adopted. Ms. Salden said those numbers may be surpassed this year.

“This year I don’t really have the numbers yet but we are above average, we have seen an increase in dogs coming and puppies coming in,” said Ms. Salden.

She said some pet owners are not taking care of their animals and it’s a problem that’s now ending up on Cayman’s roads.

“Some of these dogs are actually rescued on the streets, they’ve been hit by a car we’ve also had dogs came to us very badly malnourished, very badly sick with mange and heartworms so responsible pet ownership is very, very important and I think there’s a lot of work to be done in that area,” said Ms. Salden. Ms. Salden also added that the more neutering is done there will be a smaller population of stray animals the islands will have.

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Seaford Russell jr.

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