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Cayman Turtle Centre releases 100 turtle hatchlings

A total of 100 turtle hatchlings were released on the Seven-Mile Beach Monday night (3 September) as the Cayman Turtle Centre held its second turtle hatchling release and Cayman Turtle Centre managing director Timothy Adam said efforts like these are important.

“What we can do to protect the turtles may be the most important message of all. We bring them here and put them on the beach just like they have emerged out the sand and the turtle can then begin its typical wildlife cycle from the beach as a hatchling all the way through,” said Mr. Adam.

Mr. Adam said the eggs are placed at one of the Turtle Centre natural nesting locations.

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“They are bread, laid and partially incubated at Cayman Turtle Centre and then we bring them here during the end of the incubated process and put them in a nest,” said Mr. Adam.

He said despite their best efforts some of these hatchlings may not live for too long due to the many dangers that lay ahead of them in their natural habitat.

“Scientists tell us whereas the estimate used to be 1 in 100 of hatchlings made it to there adulthood to where they can breed, now they think it’s probably 1 in 1000, there are so many threats to them,” said Mr. Adam.

He said natural predators are not the only threats but also human traps and waste left behind can lead to disaster for the young turtles.

“In addition to the predators, they now have things like plastic and another awful risk they face are ghost nets, these are nets that were used for fishing that have been abandoned somewhat carelessly and it keeps killing turtles and other marine life,” said Mr. Adam.

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He said the Cayman Islands Turtle Centre hopes that with the help of the community these hatchlings can beat the odds.


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