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Cayman Turtle Centre to add new tourist attraction programme

The Cayman Islands Turtle Centre managing director Tim Adam said he’s planning to add turtle releases to the centre’s new official tourist programme and he’s hoping it will bring some more dollars the centre’s way. This given the recent success of its turtle hatchlings exercises. Mr. Adam said Cayman has great chance to bring more tourist to the islands through turtle hatchling releases.

“The Cayman Islands has a unique opportunity because the Cayman Islands is the only place in the world that has a facility that breeds marine turtle. Visitors come and enjoy the spectacle for a once in a lifetime of seeing a baby turtle coming out of the sand, making there way into the sea to begin its life in the ocean at night,” said Mr. Adam.

Mr. Adam said the public enjoys seeing hatchlings emerge from their nests and he wants to capitalize on that.

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“You get an amazing response without any advertising, it was just word of month and our little WhatsApp group and somehow the word spread, imagine once this becomes part of an official program of promoting it,” said Mr. Adam.

He said having such events can help bring more money because the hatchings release has the power to generated a lot of interest.

“Bring more people to the island and generate more revenue for the island. At our hatchling releases at night from the various beaches where we have done it, we’ve had such a great turn out, the last one we did which was just north of the Kimpton hotel and we estimated 50 to 100 people there,” said Mr. Adam.

Mr. Adam said the plan to add the releases to the centre’s calendar is still in the works and as for the cost, he said, that is yet to be decided.

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