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Domestic Violence on the rise

Reports of domestic violence are on the rise and those with the Family Resource Center (FRC) call it a problem. The FRC recently held a three-day domestic violence intervention training. workshop.

In 2017 there was a 25 percent increase in domestic violence referrals to the FRC versus the year before, 990 to be exact. Those at the FRC said they held the workshop to help bring these numbers down.

Family support worker Beverley McKey said there are many forms of abuse.

“Domestic abuse is really epidemic in the Cayman Islands. Sometimes people think that it’s only when things get physical but there are so many different forms of domestic abuses where it’s emotional, psychological, financial and even sexual,” said Ms. McKey.

Ms. McKey said it’s not only women who are being mistreated but men as well.

“It’s not only women that are victims of abuse, there are many men that are also victims of abuse but because it’s not socially accepted when men complain they refuse not to complain but they are experiencing it at a very high scale,” said Ms. Mckey.

Ed Pellot-Rosa attended the workshop. He coaches the national basketball team and said he shares lessons with his players about life on and off the court.

“I guide our guys in a way we should treat a woman, how we should treat them with respect and love and how to be composed as men in all situations,” said Mr. Pellot Rosa.

One of the organizers of the domestic workshop Erin Hislop said the workshop is also vital to raise public awareness of an issue some may not want to discuss.

“So not only is it a wealth of knowledge but its also and a great networking opportunity to have people from all these various organizations and agencies coming together to figure out how we can calibratable address this problem,” said Ms. Hislop.

According to the family resource center statistics, men are the perpetrator in 95 percent of domestic assaults, at least 60 percent of battered women are sexually abused by their partners, 15-20 percent of pregnant women will experience domestic violence during pregnancy and children who witness domestic violence are 5 times more likely to become batterers or victims in their adulthood.


Here are some signs of domestic violence that you may be experiencing.

  • Embarrassing or shaming you
  • Controlling
  • Making you feel guilty for all the problems in the relationship
  • Preventing you from working
  • Intentionally damaging your property
  • Threatening violence towards you or someone or something you love
  • Pressuring you to have sex when you don’t want to
  • Intimidating you physically
  • Always making financial decisions

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Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell jr.

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