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Draft National Tourism Plan presents four questions for the industry

Wednesday, 26 September is the deadline for the public to register its feedback on the draft National Tourism Plan.

It bills itself as a road map for enhancing the competitiveness of Cayman’s tourism product.

The 50-plus page draft document poses four questions for the country’s tourism industry:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?
  • How will we know we have arrived?

The draft National Tourism Plan identifies 49 priority issues, outlines a tourism vision for both the nation as a whole, and it introduces six goals aimed at reaching the plan’s ultimate destination.

“Many of these ambitions have actually already been initiated to some extent, but I think what is critical or very essential to this plan is that it is a national plan,” said Cayman Islands Tourism Association President Thresa Leacock-Broderick.

She told Cayman 27 while the draft National Tourism Plan doesn’t exactly re-invent the wheel, the 50-plus page document addresses many of Cayman’s long-time tourism issues and concerns.

“We need to have a shared vision so that everyone in every aspect is on board, and we know what we are working towards,” said

The draft National Tourism Plan identifies six goals:

  • To protect, manage, and enhance cultural and natural resources.
  • To enhance the business environment for industry growth and development.
  • To improve connectivity and tourism related infrastructure.
  • To deliver outstanding visitor experiences.
  • To develop a skilled tourism workforce.
  • To build strong partnerships to manage, market, and diversify tourism assets.

“We have to get on with this and a lot of what requires the success of this, it really requires the synergy between the private sector and the public sector, and amongst the government agencies and ministries,” said Ms. Leacock-Broderick.

She urged the public not to be overwhelmed by the number of pages.

“It’s not a heavy read at all, and I think people would be very surprised, and they are pleasantly surprised to read and see for themselves that this has really captured a lot of the issues that as a country we’ve been debating for a number of years,” said Ms. Leacock-Broderick.

She told Cayman 27 ultimately, meeting the country’s tourism goals is everyone’s business.

“It is incumbent on us the country and the community to keep this alive, and press forward to ensure that government, all of those agencies,all those departments, all those ministries, work together to see these things through,” said Ms. Leacock-Broderick.

The public consultation period for the draft National Tourism Plan ends this Wednesday, September 26th.

The draft document, and information on how to submit your feedback survey is available to review here.

Download the National Tourism Plan draft here.

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Joe Avary

Joe Avary

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