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Edna Moyle Primary AstroTurf installment set for new date

Students at the Edna Moyle Primary School in North Side will have to wait a little longer for their new playfield, this as Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller sets a new date for the installation of astroturf at school. The stones that the field is filled with are posing a threat to the students, but the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Ezzard Miller said that may change in the near future.

“We are trying to get organized. The school has a midterm break, I think the 16th of October so, during that week which would be a long weekend, we’re hoping to get some work done then,” said Mr. Miller.

That work is the installation of astroturf on the playfield at the Edna Moyle Primary School, which was supposed to be installed about two months ago but it is now behind schedule. The North Side MLA said the project is moving ahead.

“Is it taken longer than I would of like? Of course but can’t just go and put the material down, it has to be done properly so it has to be surveyed you see them on the side of the road putting in little steel rods all that has to be done,” said Mr. Miller.

School principal Marcia Rennie welcomed the news saying it is something those at the school are looking forward too because the current playing field is a disaster waiting to happen.

“It has been resolved, we are getting a field, the turf has arrived. Very often the children stumble and trip over the stones and although it’s not anything serious its still minor cuts and bruises that we would like to avoid and we don’t want it to become more serious that,” said Ms. Rennie.

Mr. Miller shares her concerns, he said work will be done during the school’s mid-term break to avoid disruptions for the students.

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