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The Lions Club assist resident in North Side

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman took to the roads over the weekend to assist one North Side resident in need.

Retired seaman, firefighter and school teacher William Conolly spends most of his days inside his home due to his disabilities. But the Lions Club came to his rescue, installing a new ramp to help him get around safely. He said he’s more than grateful for the support and has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“It’s like being able to see again. You don’t know how much joy it brings to me, I always wanted to go for a walk,” said Mr. Conolly.

Lions Club president Stephen Best calls it a project well done. “It was very much successful, we had a number of Lions out today who took some time from their schedule. This is what we normally do, it’s part of our life basically,” said Mr. Best.

Club member Michael Troop helped install the ramp. He said helping those in need is what Lions Club is all about. “We help people like Mr. Conolly who wanted a wheelchair ramp so he can have access to outdoors,” said Mr. Troop. He encourages people to donate even the smallest amount of cash, noting that it will be put to good use. “When you see the Lions out, help give whatever you can five cents, ten cents anything cause at the end of the day it goes back into the community,” said Mr. Troop.

According to the Lions Club, the total cost of the project rounded up to $3,000.

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