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How real does virtual reality feel?

Flow and Samsung partnered up on Thursday (11 October) to show off the latest in virtual reality technology available right here on island.

Strap in and gear up: this is what the next generation of online gaming looks like.

As VR-technology improves, its potential usage in online gaming becomes ever more realistic and ever more immersive, but can a pair of goggles ever be a substitute for the real thing?

Flow’s Carolyn Smith explained how it works.

“It involves the use of these VR goggles, along with a Samsung device,” she said, adding: “And when you’re actually using it, you feel it’s immersive, you don’t just see, you feel the movement of what’s happening on the screen.”

The chair, which is not part of the package on sale, made the thrills and spills of  the simulated roller-coaster ride all the more realistic.

The experience was certainly engrossing, occasionally I forgot I was not alone in the room.

There are a few tweaks that still need to be ironed out, for instance, half way through the ride you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the carriage, whereas at the start you were upfront.

But Ms. Smith believes this is only the beginning.

“It takes you to another place further beyond entertainment or TV or movies can do,” she said, “you’re actually in the scene rather than watching.”

The augmented reality experience has potential usage in the “real world,” too; architects and doctors just two of the professions that could benefit from the 360 degree virtual simulations.

For now, if you are brave enough, buckle up at the Flow Galleria store and enjoy the ride.

The technology will set you back the cost of a Samsung mobile device plus upwards of $95 for the goggles.

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