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Opposition calls for a different design on the cruise berthing facility

Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller said there are other alternative locations open to the government to build the port project, locations he’s prepared to support. Mr. Miller is urging the government to take a second look at two proposals for the cruise berthing facility they have eliminated, one of which originated from the Opposition bench.

“Well, unfortunately, the government had three proposals from their marine engineers, one of those was similar to what Mr. Arden has proposed in the past,” said Mr. Miller.

East End MLA Arden McLean, a marine engineer by profession said there are alternatives to government’s current design.

“We can strategically locate a pier and put it on stilts, pylons,” said Mr. McLean.

Mr. Miller said the advantages of pylons would significantly decrease the environmental damage when compared to government’s current plan.

“Which was only going to require about four acres of dredging as opposed to thirty,” said Mr. Miller.

The Opposition Leader suggests the safest place to put the berthing facility would be east of South Sound.

“In the head of South Sound up in Red Bay almost across the street from Grand Harbour, that area because that area is protected from the northwesters in the winter time which is going to be the problem with building the pier in George Town,” said Mr. Miller.

This option he said eliminates the needs for a massive dock.

“If there ever comes to where a pier is justified then we don’t see the point of building more than one pier,” said Mr. Miller.

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