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Public gives bus system passing grade

While one lawmaker may say nay to how the bus system currently works and the bus drivers may say yay, but what is the public saying?

On Wednesday (10 October,) we went out to ask them, and for the most part, they gave the system a passing grade.

“I must say it’s doing pretty good so far,” said Delano Samuel, who takes the bus to his West Bay home.

Mr. Samuel said he has seen improvements over the years.

“A few years back, you couldn’t really get the bus how you wanted to, because the drivers wouldn’t really go through the procedures, the system that was put in place.”

Mr. Samuel referred to a common complaint made by passengers that buses turn back before they reach the end of their appointed route, a complaint made by several who did not appear on camera. However, North Side resident, Sedeis Russell-Fritz said differently.

” I don’t really have a problem. Now I don’t know for other persons, but for me, I don’t really have a problem coming from Rum Point or getting back to my job,” Ms. Russell-Fritz told us.

Mirla Bodden thought the bus drivers were doing a fair job, although she said sometimes they could be more helpful.

“The other day, I was with a baby stroller, and two buses did not stop for me because I had the baby stroller. The other one, the third one stopped. I said to him please help me because I have a stroller and the guy comes out and help me. But otherwise, the other ones don’t want to help you,” said Ms. Bodden.

Visitor, Wendy McCrae Owoeye, is visiting Cayman from New York. She had only praises for the system.

“I’ve flew in and I’ve been using the public transport system ever since. The customer service is excellent. The fees are very, very reasonable.”


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