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RCIPS breaks down latest Facebook scam

More people in Cayman have been targetted by online financial scams over the past few weeks and two RCIPS detectives have urged residents on Friday (12 October) to exercise caution online.

They said scammers are posing as well-known political figures – including the Premier – and extorting victims on Facebook.

Police Cyber Unit Detective Anhill Carsana broke down why the fraudsters are having success.

“It seems like this newer generation of scammers, they speak English a lot better,” Mr. Carsana said.

“They communicate as if they could be the original person, they don’t sound like they’re speaking African English, so you’re bound to get caught up in it, if you’re not aware,” he added.

Financial Investigator Karen Harrison had some advice on how you can protect yourself from getting caught up in online extortion.

“Do not accept friend requests from these people, go back to the old ways of picking up the phone and calling that individual, it’s very important and key,” Ms. Harrison advised.

“When it comes to money, pick up the phone before you send off a wire,” she said.

The detectives also said Cayman was being exploited by international scammers, trading off stereotypes about the island to persuade victims that vast sums of money are waiting for them here.

Anyone who believes they have been targetted by online scammers is urged to contact the RCIPS.

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