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Restaurant Month begins

While Cayman is experiencing a record-tourism boom, Tourism Association’s Hollie Whitelocke says there’s a need to cook up business during the low season.

“They know they are going to lose money in October. It’s how they are going to lose the least amount of money in October,” Ms. Whitelocke said quoting one restaurant owner

Out of this necessity, Restaurant Month was born.

“Restaurants were noting that business was pretty slow in October. Some of them even closed. So for the ones that are open, CITA created Restaurant Month, so that we could do this really big promotion to drive traffic to restaurants.”

And the pre-buzz has already attracted attention.

“Last night, someone was posting about it on Trip Advisor and they aren’t even on island yet. There are the international visitors who know about it. There are locals as well,” said Ms. Whitelocke.

The tourism ministry says visitors spent 45 million dollars over the first five months of this year, much of that sampling cuisine.

“We have got so much great feedback from restaurants. They’ve contacted me directly, Hollie, what are you doing? We’ve had twenty five people come in tonight asking about Restaurant Month. We see quite a bit of increased traffic.”

Ms. Whitelocke gives us an idea of the difference.

“During a slow night at a restaurant that’s off the beaten path, if they were getting five people in on a regular October, now they are getting ten people in.”

If you want to find out more about participating restaurants, menus and prices go CITA’s link at: www.restaurantmonthcayman.com

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