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Despite lackluster attendance, CNCF delivers stirring performance in Moon on a Rainbow Shawl

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s production of the critically-acclaimed play ‘Moon on a Rainbow Shawl’ debuted this weekend at the Harquail Theatre.

The cast and crew gave a stirring performance last Friday (2 November) night, but there was hardly anyone there to see it.

“It’s heartbreaking in a way when you don’t get an audience, but we know that we have to go to work, it doesn’t matter,” said CNCF artistic director Henry Muttoo.

Despite lackluster attendance for the opening weekend of the CNCF production of ‘Moon on a Rainbow Shawl’, the show must go on.

“The truth is that, you know, I guess that the theatre can’t control or dictate for people that they should come and see certain plays,” said Mr. Muttoo.

Set in a tenement yard in 1950’s Trinidad, ‘Moon on a Rainbow Shawl’ is a powerful ensemble drama drawing on the universal theme of hope for something better.

Mr. Muttooo told Cayman 27 the cast and crew spent five months preparing the show for the stage.

“I don’t think there is a dull moment in the play, I think that people won’t be bored at all if they come to this play, and I think that they will experience a level of theatre, and level of playing, a level of visual theatre that, I don’t wanna say they have never seen, but that it is not easy to come by,” said Mr. Muttoo.

Mr. Muttoo said attracting a local audience for a serious work of drama can be challenging, in contrast to the long-running and popular CNCF comedy show Rundown.

“While comedy is great and I love comedy, I think that sometimes you have to present the society to people and say look, here is another way that you can look at the world,” said Mr. Muttoo.

Just as the play’s central character Ephraim decides to leave the tenement yard for the promise of something different, Mr. Muttoo is asking for audiences to take a chance on ‘Moon on a Rainbow Shawl.’

“I think we should not stay in our own yards, we should try and expand it so that we can see how other people experience and negotiate life,” he said.

Moon on a rainbow shawl is playing at the Harquail theatre on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays this month through 25 November.

Tickets are available at Funky Tangs, Fosters Airport and Strand locations, Health Care Pharmacy Grand Harbour or the CNCF Office, or online at

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