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East End woman calls for support from the public

After failing to get assistance from multiple sources, including government agencies, one East End mother of four is turning to the public to plead her case for help. East End resident Jessica McFarlane is unemployed and lives in a small shack with her four kids.

She said she is going through hard times and she needs help, but it seems her pleas are falling on deaf ears.

“I’m not afraid to speak about it ’cause living like this isn’t something I would wish on any mother. I went to NAU seeking assistance to get our lights turned back on and they turned me back,” said Ms. McFarlane.

She said her kids are her number one priority.

“Personally, I don’t want my children sleeping on the floor. My kids sleep on the bed and I have an extra mattress so I sleep on the floor,” said Ms. McFarlane.

She said she has also reached out to East End MLA Arden McLean.

Home of Jessica McFarlane.

“I have reached out to Mr. Arden and basically what he told me was, you need to go fill out a form to see if someone would help you and that was it, I haven’t heard anything back from him,” said Ms. McFarlane.

Ms. McFarlane criticizes Mr. McLean for not looking out for the people in his district.

“I don’t think it’s right as an MLA that should be here for your people and you’re not. You are there for who you want to be there for,” said Ms. McFarlane.

Adding to her strain is dealing with a child who was involved in a tragic collision. Her son was in the car in the East End fatal collision back in May 2017, that left four people dead. She said her son also lost his father and she hasn’t been getting much support.

“Recently, he was in a car accident that happened in East End, the fatal car crash in East End and he was in the trunk and to me he came out of everything and was still able to smile and still be the same old Joshua. To me Joshua has been through a lot he’s had me there but at the same time he misses his father,” said Ms. McFarlane.

She said she hopes someone will come to her rescue and help her in her time of need. We reached out to the NAU and East End MLA Arden McLean for comment, we have yet to hear back.

If you would like to help Ms. McFarlene you can contact

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Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell Jr. joined Cayman 27 in the spring of 2018. He started off as a part-time photographer but thanks to his hard-work, dedication and eye for photography, he was offered a full-time position as a reporter trainee. Seaford is committed to bringing the people of Cayman informative and balanced news about what’s happening in the community.

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