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Iguana cull week two: disembodied iguana heads no longer accepted

The Department of Environment said it is no longer accepting disembodied iguanas heads, due to reports of headless iguana carcasses being dumped into canals and at even at boat launch facilities across the island during the first week of culling efforts.

Registered cullers delivered a total of 53,464 green iguanas to the counting station for the first week of culling.

After a big opening day total of more than 13,000, the numbers took a bit of a dip for the rest of the week, but Tuesday through Sunday’s totals still averaged close to 8,000 iguanas per day.

“I think it is to be expected that it would start strong and taper off immediately, as all of the really accessible iguanas have probably been mopped up very very quickly, so we’re not expecting to see another 50,000 this week for sure, but we are hoping we can sustain at least 6,000 a day on average, because that’s the kind of numbers that we are looking for if we’re going to reach our long-term target and get the population down in a serious way,” said DOE Terrestrial Resources Unit Manager Fred Burton.

While cullers are out and about in search of invasive green iguanas on Grand Cayman, the DOE is taking a different strategy for green iguana control on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

“Grand Cayman is the ultimate threat or scary scenario of what it might be like,” said DOE Terrestrial Research Officer Jane Haakonsson. “We have community groups on both islands, and we have a DOE intern on Little Cayman who is searching [for green iguanas] weekly, and reports of the search results to DOE.”

DOE teams are on Cayman Brac this week assisting with green iguana control operations.

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Joe Avary

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