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Public consultation period underway for National Planning Framework

The Planning Department is looking ahead to the future.

More than 20 years after the last major update to Cayman’s long-term development plan, Plan Cayman aims to set guidelines for future land use and physical development in Grand Cayman.

Plan Cayman launched its dedicated website in October, and now the first document to emerge is the National Planning Framework. This draft for public consultation outlines goals and objectives that have been deemed of national importance for land use and development.

No longer are we ‘the islands that time forgot.’ Plan Cayman aims to protect Cayman’s quality-of-life as the island develops the infrastructure it needs to accommodate its growing population.

“Planning goes to the fundamental quality-of-life issue,and it is critically important that everybody participates,” said Planning Director Haroon Pandohie.

He told Cayman 27 Plan Cayman is built on the foundation of previous development plans, and incorporates a host of other guiding documents.

“Such things as transportation planning, the role of senior citizens, and the role of the environment etc,” he explained. “What we have done is taken all of that work, this tremendous amount of work and culminate and amalgamate all of that into this document.”

The first phase of Plan Cayman is the National Planning Framework. The 103-page document introduces individualized ‘area plans’ for 20 distinct geographical areas.

“Each community has this unique characters, and yes we can have these over arching goals and objectives, providing commercial opportunities, to limit the amount that you have to drive, but how does that translate into a community? It is important for us to recognize their unique character of the community and to respond accordingly,” said Mr. Pandohie.

The National Planning Framework is expected to be in place by mid-2019, after that, he said the area plans will be rolled out one-by-one.

“One of the questions we get is when is the final product going to be done? I like to tell everybody, planning is never done, it’s always sort of evolving,” said Mr. Pandohie.

And as Cayman changes with the times, he said the public’s input to Plan Cayman is essential.

“It may help us to shape this process, so that we can get an outcome that everybody can be proud of,” said Mr. Pandohie.

In 1971 there were around 12,000 on island when the Development Planning law passed.

A few years later in 1977 the first development plan was adopted. 20 years and 20,000 more residents later, the plan was revised.

Now, in the waning days of 2018, Plan Cayman is launched as Cayman’s population climbs towards 65,000.

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Joe Avary

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