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The RCIPS says Ride Out Cayman (ROC) was a success

Police and the local biking community joined together over the weekend to host Ride Out Cayman 2018.

It is an event that saw bikers take to the streets of Cayman to showcase their skills.

Last year it ended with arrests, this year there was one arrest, however, by all accounts, the event was a success.

For the first time, the RCIPS teamed up with local bikers to host Ride Out Cayman and biker Brevon Scott said working together with the ones who would usually stop them was a welcomed change.

“It’s good to have all the guys out here with the police. Everyone can be in a relaxed atmosphere and not have to worry about the police coming after you or trying to get you. We’re all here to come together, ride together and do it safely,” said Mr. Scott.

The partnership was refreshing for most, especially after their last event, in which police and some bikers clashed. Mr. Scott said there is a growing biking community and such events help.

“More and more people are getting into bikes because people are sick of the traffic so yeah it is a growing community,” said Mr. Scott.

Can-Am Spyder at ROC

There was one incident at the event, a man was arrested for riding his street bike on the public road and was taken into custody for riding while disqualified and having no licensing or insurance. Biker Leslie Anderson said sometimes one bad apple ruins things for everyone.

“I’ve been seeing the illegal bikes around and I feel like they give the rest of us a bad name so I feel having the police this time is probably a good thing,” said Ms. Anderson.

However, Ms. Anderson said Ride Out Cayman is an opportunity for all genders to show their skills.

“I don’t think a lot of females aren’t that into it as guys are because it’s a more of a male-dominated sport, but I think if you have the experience you can be better than anyone doesn’t matter if you are male are female,” said Ms. Anderson.

Acting police inspector Roje Williams, who coordinated the police’s facilitation of the event said, “I was very impressed with the group that turned out yesterday. They followed the rules and proved that we can all work together to create a safe environment for groups to be able to express and enjoy themselves without violating the law. Everyone was respectful towards us. It was a lot of hard work for both sides to put it all together, but in the end, it was worth it,” said Mr. Williams.

There has been no official word from police whether they will be hosting another Ride Out Cayman event.


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Seaford Russell jr.

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