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Ever wondered how much you could make working in management for government companies?

In the 18 month period between 2016 to 2017, personnel at Cayman’s Health Services Authority were paid a whopping $91 million.

That was just one of the figures in the Auditor General’s latest public interest report, which broke down how key management personnel in Statutory Authorities and Government Companies were remunerated and included compensation paid to board members.

It comes on the back of the report’s revelation that the section relating to a standardised pay scale for these bodies was not implemented with the rest of the law in June last year and has instead been deferred to June 2019.

Of the $249 million dollars paid to staff in Statutory Authorities and Government Companies (SAGCs) over 18 months up to December 2017,  $210 million went to large SAGCs, that is those with 75 employees or more, which represents 84% of the total amount.

So, who are those bodies? And how do they compare to each other?

The highest total remunerations among those large SAGCs were to be found at the Health Services Authority, which received over $91 million over that 18-month period.

The lowest went to the National Roads Authority with more than $5 million.

That did tally with the number of employees at both organisations: 851 at the HSA and 90 at the NRA.

Now, compare the figures for all staff versus the key management personnel; at the HSA, the average monthly remuneration was close to $6,000. But for those in management… double that figure and then add some, at almost $13,500.

Board compensation varied too across SAGCs.

Some who sat on boards provided their services for free, while others received up to $4,500 dollars/month.

Again, there was inconsistency in the compensation, with some receiving a monthly sum, while others were paid per meeting attended.

Because this was a public interest report, rather than a performance or financial audit, the Auditor General’s office did not provide an opinion or offer recommendations.

But, once the report comes before the LA, the Public Accounts Committee will be able to consider the information contained within it.—FINAL.pdf

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Caroline James

Caroline James

Caroline joined Cayman 27 in September 2018 after seven years working for Sky News in London, both as a Producer on the World News programme and, latterly, as News Editor on the Foreign Desk, where she led coverage on the ground of stories as diverse as the 2016 US Election, corruption allegations surrounding FIFA and The Oscars. Before this, she worked as a Producer for Associated Press Television News (APTN) for two years, based in their London headquarters. Caroline graduated with a BA Hons degree in Arabic, French and German from Durham University, before gaining an MA in Television Journalism with distinction at City University, London. When not hunting down stories in Cayman, she can be found playing tennis, practicing Bikram yoga or enjoying a beer on Seven Mile Beach. You can reach Caroline at or 326-2243.

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