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RCIPS lead trainer aims for success with Cayman’s largest recruit class

RCIPS Lead trainer John Percival said he’s aiming to have a 100% graduating class of police recruits and he’s working with the current class of prospective officers to make that happen. Mr. Percival said with 23 young recruits under his care, the majority being Caymanian, he has a goal to achieve when it comes to building a stronger police force.

“This is the biggest class we’ve had in many, many years probably the biggest of all time,” said Mr.Percival.

This year’s new recruits saw a record number of Caymanians signing up to join the RCIPS, 14 in total. There was also a high number of women as well, 8 to be exact and he is hoping the recruit numbers can translate into a graduating class Cayman can be proud of. “We have more women this time then we’ve ever had in a group,” said Mr. Percival.

Mr. Percival said the local recruit class could have been even bigger, but the classes had to be broken up.

“We don’t have enough trainers to do it. It’s a small police service,” said Mr. Percival.

The current class of recruits end their training in April, but there won’t be a holiday for his training team after that.

“There will be 24 new people in the next training and they will be back to back so there won’t be any breaks. We have recruits from last time so we’ve taken the first 23 this time and we had other people that hadn’t gone on this course,” said Mr. Percival.

Last year’s recruit class started at 11 trainees but only 9 graduated. Mr. Percival is aiming to send off 23 new police officers this time around. The next cohort of recruits will start sometime in April.

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Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell Jr. joined Cayman 27 in the spring of 2018. He started off as a part-time photographer but thanks to his hard-work, dedication and eye for photography, he was offered a full-time position as a reporter trainee. Seaford is committed to bringing the people of Cayman informative and balanced news about what’s happening in the community.

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