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Million dollar investment helps Cayman Islands Brewery grow with the times

A million dollar investment is helping Cayman’s largest brewery grow with the times.

The Cayman Islands Brewery told Cayman 27 a new taprooom expansion will help enhance the customer experience for tourists and locals alike.

Bottling is underway at the Cayman Islands Brewery.

Twelve ounce bottles by the hundreds file through the on-site production line, where they’re filled with freshly made local beer, pasteurised, and made ready for retail.

“We are actually still one of the most modern breweries in the Caribbean, and from the outset we insisted that we would have a consistent quality and that’s what we try to maintain, so all the time any of our profits, they go straight back into the brewery,” said Cayman Islands Brewery chairman Stephen Webster.

Mr. Webster said the brewery’s latest investment, an expansion of its taproom, almost triples the floor space, providing a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for customers as the business grows.

“You can see at the back there I think we got 20 taps there,” he said, gesturing to what will become the taproom’s new bar and tasting area. “We spent one million dollars on extending this, extending our administration and offices next-door, so that they function better, and indeed in the new tanks and things like that to expand production, so we’re expecting returns on that investment in the coming years.”

“It’s huge for us,” said head brewer and quality manager Stewart Brown. “Hopefully we’re gonna have a great crowd coming through here on a daily basis, give them a great experience for the cruise shippers and the tourists that are coming through here, and as a brewer I’m excited to have the ability to now brew more styles and have more people drinking them.”

Mr. Webster told Cayman 27 the Cayman Islands Brewery didn’t become Cayman’s largest manufacturer by resting on its laurels.

“We are very happy with the progress we are making,” said Mr. Webster.

The new taproom should be open to the public by the end of April.

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Joe Avary

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