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Plant-based dining trend in Cayman

Forbes magazine named the Cayman Islands among the top five global leaders for plant based dining.
One local chef said getting there does not come cheap. She said agricultural incentives and concessions on sustainable packaging can help this growing industry bloom.

Veganism or plant-based dining continues to be a global trend and here in the Cayman Islands it is no different. Local chef, Britta Bush, said Cayman’s vegan industry is blooming, but for restaurants here it goes beyond profitability.

“When we eat fresh from the earth, the amount of nutrition we are getting is so much greater and vibrant food,” said Mrs. Bush. “We are supporting local community members which is at the end of the day one of our biggest mantras.”

Mrs. Bush said getting into a plant-based dining business comes with a heavy cost and a helping hand from government can change that.

“Going away from Styrofoam, I believe that if government (gives) incentives for eco-friendly packaging and made that duty free, it would be a huge push for all the restaurants in Cayman,” said Mrs. Bush.

She said local farmers should not be left behind either.

“Being able to give some staffing, getting manpower here to help the agricultural industry to make it easier for farmers to do this really hard job.”

Local farmer, Donovan McDonald, agrees and he added with vegan trends on the rise he has seen more traffic at his stall.

“It’s improving, we have a lot of people coming to the local market and gravitating to the local stuff,” said Mr. McDonald.

Mrs. Britta said while there are a few vegan restaurants on island, most eateries offer plant-based dining options.

We reached out to the government for a response on Mrs. Bush’s suggestion on concessions for plant-based businesses and will bring you the response once received.

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