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Cayman Crime Stoppers appeals for more corporate partners

Cayman Crime Stoppers is undergoing a major relaunch and they are appealing to the corporate sponsors to help them reach new heights in the fight against crime.

They say Cayman has seen an increase in criminal activities and getting people to report crimes can help slow down that tide. But they say to help strengthen Crime Stoppers ability to really make a difference on island more businesses need to get involved.

Mr. Sebastian Gullard, Cayman Crime Stoppers Chairman said, “Worried about the crime in the Cayman Islands and want to make sure the community stay safe and in order for us to pay those rewards we need investments for the local community that’s corporate but that’s also the regular person that is worried about their children and their grandchildren not living in a community that is a safe as they knew it”

Cayman Crime Stoppers said they already have one corporate sponsor.

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