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Kerri Kanuga does it again

Endurance athlete Kerri Kanuga completes her latest challenge, taking on 160 miles.  That many miles equates to a total of six marathons, and she did it in the mountain of Brazil.

Having done her training in Cayman, a flat land mass, it would be easy to thing going uphill would be hard. According to Ms. Kanuga, it was the opposite, “I trained going up hill, so I was ready. The accumulated elevation was over 30,000 feet, that’s equal to the summit of Everest. I had to go down that. I really suffered with that.”

While going down hill proved more difficult than expected the air in the high elevation wasn’t a problem. “In Cayman that air is so heavy, I think that’s really a counter balance. When you get to those elevations it seems like a trade off almost” she says.

Ms. Kangua had the goal of completing the challenge in 63 hours, in fact she finished it earlier, in 61 hours and ten minutes. The motivation to push through, was her desire to qualify for her next challenge the Bad Water. Bad Water takes place in July in Death Valley, the hottest place on earth. It’s a total of 135 miles and takes participants through three mountain ranges.

The race as about more than proving her endurance. Ms. Kanuga was raising money for St. Baldricks, a foundation that provides funding for childhood cancer research. The group under the St. Baldricks umbrella Ms. Kanagua was racing for is Heroes for Hannah. To date she has raised over $37,000.



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Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz first began a career in broadcast, in radio as a teen. She joined the Cayman 27 team as an intern, while pursuing her Bachelors. She came on board full time in 2011. She serves as a producer and on-air host/anchor. She has an interest in stories focused on health, and the environment.

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