Defendant accused of potentially lying during police interview about Fete Nightclub shooting

Prosecutors Tuesday told the court Kashwayne Hewitt gave police two different versions of what happened February 4th, when two men were assaulted and one of them shot outside Fete Nightclub.

According to police interview transcripts read in court, Mr. Hewitt told police in his second interview he saw Tashika Mothen arguing with Daniel Bennett as he exited the club that night.

While this happened Hewitt said he saw her husband Malik Mothen go to the parking lot and return with a gun.

He said in that interview he heard a shot, saw Mr. Mothen hit two different men with the gun and saw one of the men fall to the ground before hearing another shot.

Mr. Hewitt says he took the gun away from Mr. Mothen only after the shots were fired. Because he did not want Daniel Bennet and Carlney Campbell to die.

Prosecutors say that’s a different story line than what he told police in his first interview with them after the shooting. Where he did not say anything about holding the gun.

Police told him during the second interview they believe he knew evidence would suggest he shot the gun, so he invented a good Samaritan story for himself.

Meanwhile the who was shot Carlney Campbell testified last week that he saw Mr. Mothen did not have the gun at the moment he was shot.

According to the transcripts, Mr. Hewitt said after they left the scene Mr. Mothen removed his clothes and burned them so there would be no evidence.

Then gave Mr. Hewitt the gun asking him to hide it.

Which he hid in the toilet of Daniella Tibbetts’ home.

He said he felt that if he objected he wold have been threatened.


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