Hurley’s Purple Pledge, Don’t drink and drive

Christmas is nearly upon us and that means plenty of yuletide celebrations will soon take over the island. Coming along with those celebrations will be lots of alcoholic drinks.

Which is why we want you to join the Hurley’s Media Purple Pledge. The pledge is simple, it’s a promise not to drink and drive and is aimed at encouraging the public to make smart choices.

Marketing Manager of Hurley’s Media Crystal Gomez said, “It’s basically an initiative to try and keep Cayman safe during the holiday season and try and limit drinking and driving and just making sure that everybody enjoys the season very, very safely. it’s just an initiative that if you take the pledge, you are pledging that you’re not gonna drink and drive and you’re gonna do your best to make sure your friends and family follow suit.”

If you are interested in pledging you can stop at Hurley’s Media in Camana Bay or one of the several sponsors to sign the pledge and pick up your purple ribbon.


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