RCIPS warns about driving near school buses

A near-miss with a student and a driver prompts a police warning about driving near and around school buses. Police say they have received multiple reports of motorists trying to overtake public and school buses when they stop to load or unload passengers. The RCISP says last Tuesday a student escaped injury on West Bay Road when a car attempted to overtake a school bus by going around the left side of the bus when it was letting off a student. The driver drove up on the sidewalk almost colliding with the student. Acting Chief Inspector Everton Spence says such reckless behaviors will not be tolerated. He said “This incident shows a disregard for both the rules of the road and the safety of students travelling on the bus.” He says motorists are permitted to overtake public buses that have stopped, once it is safe to do so and if the road allows it. However, motorists are not permitted to overtake a school bus under any circumstances.

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