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Auxiliary constable arrested after violent drunken domestic assault

Updated Wednesday 27 December:

An RCIPS Auxiliary Constable has been suspended from duty after a violent domestic assault at a home in Prospect. Police said officers were dispatched to the residence around 2 AM Friday (22 December).

Police said they were directed to a visibly intoxicated 50-year old man who reportedly kicked in a door and assaulted a woman living there. When police tried to place him under arrest, they said the man resisted violently, kicking and fighting with officers. More officers arrived on-scene, and the man was eventually subdued.

Police said the Auxiliary Constable was arrested on suspicion of assault, damage to property, assaulting police, and resisting arrest. He was taken into custody and bailed for medical reasons.

Auxilary Constables are not full police constables, but receive similar training, a RCIPS spokesperson confirmed Wednesday (27 December).
Police said an AC can be assigned to duties at court, the detention centre, or light traffic duties, however, they do not answer 9-1-1 calls for service,and do not conduct investigations of any type.

Original article posted Friday (22 December):

According to a RCIPS press release, an Auxiliary Constable with the RCIPS has been arrested for kicking in a door and assaulting a woman at a Prospect home. He has been suspended from duty.

Police said it happened before 2AM Friday, 22 December.

The narrative from police is as follows:

“The 9-1-1 Communications Centre dispatched police to a domestic disturbance at a residence in the Prospect area of George Town.  Police arrived and were directed to a man who had reportedly returned home and kicked in the door and assaulted the woman living there.  Officers spoke with the man, who was visibly intoxicated, and informed him that he was being arrested.  The man violently resisted being placed in handcuffs, fighting and kicking officers.  More officers arrived and the man, age 50 of George Town, was subdued and arrested on suspicion of assault, damage to property, assaulting police and resisting arrest.  He was taken into custody and bailed for medical reasons.”


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