Bulk Fuel Transshipment depot in the works for Breakers

Lands once earmarked for the dump’s relocation will now have a new purpose, a transshipment fuel facility. Ironwood Cayman Ltd is proposing the facility in the Breakers area and officials say talks with the government on their plans are positive. For many in the Cayman Islands the cost of living and fuel are critical concerns, but one developer is proposing a solution to reduce fuel prices, a fuel transshipment facility that will store fuel and allow Cayman to buy fuel at bulk pricing. “With having a fuel transshipment facility here the cost can be lowered not only at the pump but also on the electrical cost from CUC.”

It’s a proposal currently on the table from Ironwood Cayman Ltd and CEO David Moffitt says having this facility in Cayman can provide for others and we can reap the benefits of providing trans-shipment service. He said, “The places that fuel will being going to is Central America, South America and the US would be places and the region around.” Now the area just north of Scotts Quarry in Breakers, Bodden town that the new transshipment facility is being proposed. Mr Moffitt said talks with Government have been positive and he believes the new faculty will bring new regulations. Mr Moffitt said, “A new facility would bring new regulation as far as containment, we will be state of the art as oppose to the older facilities there now.” Mr. Moffitt said the feedback on the project has not been negative, but the question is will the project be accepted by it’s the surrounding neighbors. Mr. Moffitt said Ironwood believes this project will help pay for the East-West arterial road extension needed for its Arnold Palmer golf course and resort development.


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