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Gregory Watt supporters take to streets to call for mortgage law reform

Gregory Watt, the Bodden Town man who shared his story about being foreclosed on him for some $3,400 in arrears, appeared before a judge in open court this morning.

He wasn’t alone, a small group of protesters were there to support Mr. Watt, and sound the call for a proper mortgage law.

Before Mr. Watt’s scheduled appearance in front of a judge Thursday (21 December), a small group of protesters were already in place, holding up signs outside Kirk house.

“I’m Caymanian, I’m a home owner, I’m a human being, we should all be out here,” said Sheredan Colburn.

Attorney Clyde Allen is now representing Gregory Watt. He said its likely the case will likely conclude with an ‘ex tempo’ decision, which Mr. Allen said should provide clarity for all parties.

“We need a mortgage law that protects us from losing their homes to these banks,” said Cindi Welcome.

Mr. Watt, who is also known as Anthony Ricardo, and his foreclosure story has struck a raw nerve in the community. His supporters told Cayman 27 the time to stand in silence is over.

“The reality of it is, the law needs to be, needs to be changed. It previously was not this way, and to be honest, we are all three pay checks away from homelessness, this just really actually affects all of us,” said Shyvon Hydes.

“You never know what is going to happen, and I want laws in place that will protect me and protect my investment so that at the end of the day, at least have something to show for it,” said Ms. Colburn.

At a brief open court hearing, Mr. Watt, now represented by attorney Clyde Allen, appeared before a judge. The matter was adjourned until next week.

“It’s not right for a bank to be able to take a person’s home for less than $4000 can you imagine that? Especially when you know, there’s efforts to pay the bank,” said Dennie Warren, Jr.

“It’s time for us to take a stand and stop sitting down and watching our fellow Caymanians lose their houses,” added Ms. Welcome.

Mr. Watt told Cayman 27 the support from the community has been humbling. He has said he hopes bringing his case public case can be the catalyst for change.

“We are here today and this is one that we know of, this is one that has been made public, and there are many who are literally hiding behind closed doors,” said Ms. Hydes.

Mr. Allen, who is Mr. Watt’s attorney, said its likely the case will likely conclude with an “Ex tempo” decision next Thursday, which he said should provide clarity for all parties.


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