Young Caymanian barber training continues

Earlier Cayman 27 brought you a story of  a Jamaican barber who wanted to give back by training young Caymanians in his trade free of charge. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks introduces us to a young man who took up the offer. We find out if he can make the cut. West Bayer Roylen Nicklson is learning how to be a barber. For the past several weeks Mr Nickelson has been training with Barber Lawrence Grant who’s been teaching him for free and now he says its time for the trainee to show his skills. He said, “I decide to let him cut spoil my hair first because hair always grows back.” For Mr Nickleson is not only about cutting hair but cutting his fears. He said, “First haircut I feel a bit nervous but that’s a usual thing I’m ready to continue the process, take my first step. The moment that Mr Nickelson is nervous for is finally here, from cleaning the equipment, to preparing the customer, to final precision execution. And with buzz of his shaver, Mr Nicholson is on his way to becoming Cayman’s local barber. Mr Grant says he’s pleased with Mr Nickelson performance and the training will continue. Mr Grant said, “As of today he will begin to start cutting hair like someone outside who we see is in need on a haircut we are going to bring them in and let them know we can have our trainee cut them for free. If you’re willing to help this young Caymanian along in his chosen career path. He’s offering free haircuts at Lavish Luxe barber shop in West Bay.

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