Mix reaction to weather from George Town businesses

George Town businesses express mixed reactions today as for a fourth consecutive day cruise shippers are forced to tender at Spotts Dock. Rough seas over the last few days fueled by a cold front sent the cruise ships further east. Cayman 27’s Jevaugnie Ebanks checked in with business to find out how they were faring.

Cayman Cabana owner Luigi Moxam said the current weather conditions are hurting his business. He said we have seen a drop in the number of patrons he would usually see when ships are in.  He said, “Definitely had a negative impact in that regard but we are still fortunate to have quite a few people coming in docking in the Spott’s and coming in in the afternoon its been later in the afternoon that we expect but it still a fair amount of people.”

He said with the weather the way it has been for the past couple of days, some days were worse than others. He said, “It does affect us quite a bit when there is a delay or no ships. I think 2 ships bypassed us on Wednesday so that didn’t help.”

This week some 25 cruise ships that’s 53,543 passengers were forced to dock at Spotts Dock because of rough seas on the waterfront. While Mr. Moxam is counting some losses others are not. Rachel Bodden, Administrative assistant a Paradise Restaurant said,”The bad weather doesn’t really affect us business-wise, it only makes the temperature kind of chill and cold.” She said, “the current weather is sometimes a good thing. She said “Because of the bad weather being throw it is now most tourist don’t really go tot he sting ray city and all them so we expect big crowds on those day.” Craft Seller Ruth Bodden says tourists having that extra cash works in her favour too. She said, “They have some extra ready cash and they are outspending it and me personally I’m not being affected at all in fact I hope it can continue for another couple days.” Roughs seas will continue through till Sunday.

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