Pregnant dog’s death raises animal negligence worries

A pregnant dog and her litter dies after dealing with complications during birth and the Humane Society today (4 January) is calling attention to why senseless animal deaths like this happen.

The pregnant dog was brought to the Humane Society in a trash bag after having suffered from trying to deliver her litter of puppies for two days.

She developed a septic infection that resulted in her losing the ability to even walk.

When asked why they waited so long to get medical attention for the dog the owners said they didn’t have a ride which staff say is not a valid excuse.

“It’s basically negligence,” said Jason Jairam.

“There’s no excuse why wait 48 to 70 hours to call us when it is something obvious it’s not like it’s something they couldn’t see with their naked eye, she’s running around with a puppy stuck in her, smelly and they wait until she gets to that stage you know,” Mr. Jairam said.

The Humane Society wishes to remind the public that they are here to assist in animal emergencies and can drive to locations to help if necessary.

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