Video showing same sex marriage ceremony in Cayman raises eyebrows

A video showing two men appearing to unite in marriage at the National Gallery has raised eyebrows. But the National Gallery says no legal union was performed, however it did say a request to use the facility was made and it was described as a “Family blessing.”

A statement today (4 January) from the National Gallery read; “Our premises are frequently utilized for facility rental by private individuals to host functions, which in turn provides the organisation with revenue for operations and programming as a public entity the National Gallery has an obligation to uphold the rights afforded to all individuals in accordance with the 2009 Constitution as a result, the National Gallery does not discriminate against its patrons. All events held on the premises are done so in accordance with the laws of the Cayman Islands.”

Cayman 27 reached out to Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson who said he was aware of the ceremony but he said to his knowledge, it was not against the law as there were no Cayman registered marriage officers there nor was a request for a marriage certificate issued. We reached out to the Premier’s Office for comment and did not get any.

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