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“Foots” steps out of court victorious

The 12th time proved to be a charm for Cayman Brac artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes after Magistrate Kirsty Ann Gun acquitted him on a charge of possessing an “obscene publication”.

Mr. Kynes found himself on the wrong side of the law when he put up two sculptures on his property. But what Mr. Kynes saw as art, some Cayman Brac residents saw as depictions of obscene sexual acts between the female figures.

Speaking with Cayman 27 on Thursday (28 June,) Mr. Kynes described the trial period, which lasted a year, as a “wild ride” but he said he was relieved it was over. Mr. Kynes said “knew he was innocent from the first day.”

The artist, who defended himself, suggested that the time had come to review the country’s obscenity laws, since popular festivals like Braccanal and  Batabano could also be called “obscene” under them.

He also said he held no animosity toward those who caused him to be charged and was happy to note several Cayman Brac residents congratulated him on his victory.


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