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Odain Ebanks robbery trial: Justice Carter allows camouflage pants into evidence

A pair of camouflage pants formed the main bone of contention between the prosecution and defense as the Odain Ebanks trial continued Monday (24 September) in Grand Court.

Both sides presented arguments for the inclusion or exclusion of the article of clothing which was found in Mr. Ebanks apartment on 9 March, a week after the robbery at the Czech Inn Grill in Bodden Town.

Lead prosecutor Patrick Moran said the pants fitted the description given by Czech Inn owner, Jiri Zitterbart, who testified the second assailant was wearing camouflage pants containing three colours.

Mr. Ebanks defense attorney, Amelia Fosuhene argued against inclusion, saying it would be prejudicial to her client, since there was no evidence linking it directly to the robbery and that such pants could be commonly found.

Mr. Moran said it was not prejudicial, as the pants were found a week after the robbery and such evidence could have been destroyed if Mr. Ebanks washed them. He then asked Justice Marlene Carter to give some weight to them as evidence.

Justice Carter subsequently ruled that the pants would be admitted into evidence.

The pants in question were later shown during Detective Sargeant Campbell Brian’s testimony. Officer Brian was the officer who found the pants in Mr. Ebanks apartment.

DNA reports from both the prosecution’s and defense’s experts were also entered into evidence as it was mutually agreed neither needed to testify. The trial continues Tuesday (25 September.)

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Natalie Briggs

Natalie Briggs

Natalie Briggs has worked in television, radio and print since 2002, including stints at Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT/CNMG), Radio 97, The Trinidad Guardian and Newsday. She has an MA in Media, Communications and Public Relations.

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